Allstar Sound expands VTX V20 Inventory

8 years ago -

Allstar Sound has expanded it’s JBL VTX-V20 Inventory to 32 Boxes and 16 of the VTX-S25 Subs. We have been getting such a high demand for the new JBL system we had to increase our inventory. We have a lot of upcoming shows that have requested the system. In Addition we purchased additional fly ware so that we could separate the system into multiple systems. Powered with Crown HD 12000 Amps and JBL’s settings we have found the system goes up fast and is ready to go with very little eq’ing.

So if you are looking for sound system for your corporate event, concert,special event, fair or festival give us a call. If you are looking for a smaller system we have the system that will m

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