Clear Com Wireless Free Speak11

8 years ago -


FreeSpeak II™ is the next generation DECT-based distributed wireless solution that operates in multiple license-free frequency bands: 1.897-1.933GHz. This high performance wireless intercom system was designed for extensive communication in large-scale operations. Its ability to maintain a strong and continuous wireless connection across an expansive coverage area while providing crystal-clear digital audio makes FreeSpeak II the ideal wireless roaming solution for live event, broadcast, sport production, industrial, military and government applications.

FreeSpeak II can operate as a standalone system, with up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks connected to one base station. As an integrated solution where beltpacks are seamlessly connected to a Matrix frame (via an E-Que-HX card), up to 50 user connections can be achieved. Active Antennas can enable beltpack-to-base station distance range up to 3,200ft (1,000m). The system has 4-wire and partyline intercom connectivity, program feed input, stage announce, IFB, up to 5 wireless partyline groups and partyline call alert functionality.

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