JBL VTX-V20 & S25

8 years ago -

Allstar Sound has added to its inventory the new JBL VTX series. After looking at several different systems we decided on the JBL VTX-V20 this system was perfect for the events we cater to. Allstar sound does a lot of corporate events and “one offs” for major entertainment and we needed a system that would fulfill all theses needs.  we need to have a system that will be accepted by just about any entertainment rider and corporate event. JBL over the decades has always been the “GO TO System” now with JBL’s new design and components we found the sound from these new boxes was amazing. JBl has a new wave guide system has made the Hi’s and Mid’s a great sounding experience. the duel 10″ speaker system for the lows is very warm sounding. Bring this all together with all new rigging hardware makes this one of the best sound boxes on the market. We purchased 32 boxes of the JBL VTX-V20’s and 16 of the VTX SB25’s subs.

So since having this system in use since mid July 2014 the feedback has been “unbelievable sounding vocals” “how smooth the hi’s and mid’s are” ” can’t believe how great the low end is”  We have found that the new rigging design has made it so much easier and faster to fly the system. and has cut our in and out time by 25%.


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