The Allstar Sound Difference

From Burbank to Bangkok, Allstar Sound is a national and global company with a network of vendors throughout the United States and around the world. For over 40 years we have been supplying corporate events with equipment and staff. Allstar Sound is proud to say that we enjoy a ninety-percent retention rate with our client base, over multiple years and in some cases over decades!


Some in- house AV companies may mark up there prices by sixty-percent to cover the cost/commissions that they are required to pay to the venue. In addition the equipment you receive can be out dated or ill maintained. Staffing may also be problematic, will have well trained and professional technicians,  will your account representative be there to answer your questions and guide through any problems that may arise?

Allstar Sound can guarantee that you will save you at least twenty-percent or more on equipment cost, plus you will always receive equipment that is well maintained and is thoroughly checked for performance before it leaves our doors, for each and every event. Plus our promise that we will supply technicians with multiple years of experience with the equipment and in corporate marketing events. Knowledgeable, professional, well dressed and groomed. Your account representative will always be the same person and will go the extra length from start to finish ensuring your event is a complete success.


Allstar Sound maintains a large inventory of equipment that is updated continuously to assure you that you are receiving the latest state- of- the art items. Special attention is paid to the corporate market, to ensure we are well informed and equipped with the latest, most wanted and required equipment. From low-key events to the large corporate weekends. Special request; we’ve got you covered! If we don’t have it we’ll find it, either through our network of trusted vendors or we will purchase it for you. And, again always tested for performance before it leaves our doors.


All of our technicians and account managers have been toughly rained by Allstar Sound and have multiple years of experience in the corporate market. Each staff member goes through extensive training in both equipment and event training. You will always find that our employees and freelance techniques will go the extra mile to help you make your event a successes they are both knowledgeable and professional. Your designated account manager will, also be there from start to finish to ensure success

Other services

Planning a corporate event can be a stressful time, either within the States or a globally event. We can also put together diagrams including equipment and lay outs of tables and chairs. Our CAD programs are very sophisticated and will give you precise measurements of the room or event space.

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